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#Cinguettii/Love overcomes the Royal Protocol

by Angelica Zarafa – Every woman in her life has dreamed at least once to marry the Charming Prince. For the commoner Rachel Meghan Markle it seems that this dream is becoming reality:

Italy’s out/Gigi Buffon, one man army

by Alberto Zali – Like an army, falling one by one by one. This is how I’d like to paint Italy’s performance against Sweeden. Tonight, as Italians, we gave everything not withstanding a defeat we didn’t deserve. But that was… Continue Reading →

A cry for help from nature

Di Laetitia • On monday, August 8th 2016 the “Earth Overshoot Day” was celebrated, and this means that for this year we have already used all the ecological resources that our planet can produce in 365 days.

Ballet’s hidden secrets

By Alison • Ballet. For most people this word conjures an image of a beautiful ballerina, dressed in a soft white tutu and pink satin shoes, moving, jumping and spinning ever so gracefully, to finally balance on the very tip… Continue Reading →

The hidden story of djing

A dj is often considered a celebrity with sky-high earnings, tours and shows all over the world, record deals and radio broadcasts; but where does this figure come from? What do they actually do?

A lesbian princess? Animation Movies keep up with the times

by Camilla Podini -From Bambi to The King Lion, from Cinderella to Kung Fu Panda 3, it seems that Walt Disney and Dreamworks are going to keep up with a society which keeps changing and its most difficult themes, like… Continue Reading →

Sounds Live Feels Live!

di Camilla Podini – May 14th 2016. The day has come and has gone. I’m looking at the videos and the pics I took, remembering every moment of that night.

Fairytales exist!

di Camilla Podini – Fairytales exist: Leicester FC won the Barclays Premier League, and Sadiq Khan was elected mayor of London.

What do people think about you?

by Camilla Podini – Delicious food, beautiful landscapes and warmy weather, then art, fashion and culture. What are you thinking about? If you asked it to a foreign person, he would yell: “ITALY of course!” but if you asked it… Continue Reading →

A4 Waist Challenge

by Camilla Podini An A4 piece of paper and a photo camera. Common and harmless objects which are becoming the ground of a dangerous vortex, intended to attract many other ingenuous victims: A4 WAIST CHALLENGE.


by Camilla Podini – We’re only sixteen and the competition is starting again in “Sharing”. Anyway, now that lots of us are stayed in drafting, there’s something we would like to say to you.

Let’s go to Coachella!

by Camilla Podini – Thousands of people coming from different countries met Friday night, ready to dance, sing and have fun. Where? COACHELLA!

Giorgio Armani is FUR-FREE

by Camilla Podini. <<I’m pleased to announce that the Armani group has made a firm commitment to abolish the use of animal fur in its collections.>>

Outlaw Love

by Camilla Podini – Children pornography, pedophilia, rape, prostitution. There terms are used by magazines and television news, even if they’re wrong to describe a spreading dangerous trend: the sextortion.

CertiLingua, a common aim

by Camilla Podini – Ten girls and a common aim: an european label of excellence, the CertiLingua. Being enrolled at a languages high school and attending the last year it’s not enough:

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